Skill Gap Analysis Solutions

As an organization you design your growth plan. Your workforce is expected  to understand your growth strategy. Gaining an upper edge on the latest technology and business skills will help your team to respond to market changes like converting your organization to the cloud, fending off cyberattacks or communicating with a multi-generational workforce. Howeve, identifying your execution plan can be challenging.

Work with our expert solutions consultants to identify knowledge gaps, create individual learning plans and develop customized professional development training. We make it easy and convenient to determine the technical and non-technical skills your workforce needs to achieve organizational goals.


  • Align roles with your strategic and tactical requirements.
  • Address current and future growth plans.
  • Increase efficiencies to stay competitive.
  • Become more agile.
  • Maximize your training budget.

What We Offer


Expert solutions consultants interview employees and assess skills, competencies and knowledge levels then rate them against job functions, industry best practices, market needs and organizational goals to identify gaps.


A report outlining job-specific learning objectives, customized training curriculum and measures for success.


From problem to solution, each stage of the process can be tailored to address company size, location and technological needs to ensure success.

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